With us you will find a hearty togetherness
We currently have a few free rooms available! If you are not older than 28 years old and are enrolled at a university in Hamburg and want to have a cool and very symphatic accommodation - feel free to apply to us!


The Carl-Malsch-Haus houses 89 students from Germany and all over the world. It is near to Ottensen, a very popular and frequented area in the western part of Hamburg, a few minutes away from the Elbe and a thirty minute commute to the university.


The Überseekolleg is situated in the northern part of the city, just four kilometres away from the airport. Fifty percent of the 102 students living there are from Germany , the other fifty percent are from other countries.


All information at a glance
Can I book an apartment as a student only?

Our houses are primarily reserved exclusively for students, but we also regularly accept a small number of trainees or FSJ students. 

Is there a minimum or maximum age for residents?

Minimum age: 18 years, maximum age: 28 years

How can I book a room?

Room booking: after submitting the application for admission, the home's management will contact you to see if we can offer you a room.

How do I pay my rent?

Please pay the rent by standing order, there will be no direct debit on our part.

What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

What you need to bring are some dishes, e.g. your favorite cup, bed linen and all missing documents if necessary.

Can I cancel my rental contract?

Cancellation: in case of cancellation of the contract or withdrawal from the contract, staggered cancellation fees will be charged.

Is your dormitory accessible by public transport?

Carl-Malsch-Haus (in the following text CMH): yes - the university is easy to reach thanks to convenient transport connections: take the bus line 15 and get to the uni in about 25 minutes

Überseekolleg (in the following text ÜK): yes, - to the university it is about 25 minutes - take the bus line 179, which stops directly in front of the entrance door or go to the nearby subway station Ohlsdorf

Can I put my bike safely and safely with you?

Yes, both in the CMH as well as in the ÜK there are large sheltered parking spaces. ATTENTION: These are to be used at your own risk, as there have been occasional thefts.

What can I do in my spare time?

CMH: we have a music room, a fitness room, a cozy common room with TV, a volleyball court,a barbecue, a table tennis room, a bar and the Elbe is almost on the doorstep

ÜK: We have a music room, a fitness room, a cozy common room with TV, a volleyball court, a barbecue, a table tennis room, a library, a bar and the Alster is almost on the doorstep for canoes can be rented

Will my room be cleaned?

CMH / ÜK: no, only the common rooms - but the public areas are cleaned on a daily basis

Will my laundry be washed?

CMH / ÜK: yes, we have enough washing machines to take your work off ;-)

Isn`t there any party??

CMH: sure! yes, of course! We organize Easter breakfasts, summer- and christmas parties, The Chinese New Year festival, The Sugar Festival and of course parties in the bar ...

ÜK: yes, with us also. Legendary summer festivals and Christmas parties, very classical startingin our chapel, with musical contributions from our residents and a rich colorful international buffet. And sure there are parties in our bar.

Student residence

Alsterdorfer Str. 495-499
22337 Hamburg
+49(0) 40 - 50 41 66
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Student residence

Othmarscher Kirchenweg 103a-105
22763 Hamburg
+49(0) 40 - 880 29 73
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Rising energy costs are also having an impact on us

Help us with your donation to cover the rising energy costs, so that we can continue to rent affordable housing to students in the future.